Elisha Otome


Ph.D. University of Louisville, Louisville Kentucky

Thesis: Development and Applications of Novel HF-Based Fluorination Reagent- DMPU-HF
Advisor: Dr. G. B. Hammond 
M.Sc.  Tennessee State University, Nashville Tennessee
Supervisor: Dr. Cosmas Okoro
B.Sc. Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria (Chemistry)

Advisor: Prof. Emmanuel Oluyemi




Subrata Kundu


Ph.D. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; Inst. Fur Chemie (2013, Summa Cum Laude)
Advisor: Dr. Kallol Ray  
M.Sc.  Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (2009)
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Parimal K. Bharadwai
B.Sc. Jadavpur University (2007)


Current Research: Synthetic model complexes for understanding the connectivity among Nitrite, Nitric oxide, and Nitroso compounds.
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Ph.D. Students



Tolani Kuam Salvador


B.S. Florida International University (2011)


Current research: Copper catalyzed C-H functionalization reactions for the formation of C-O, C-N, C-S, and C-C bonds. 



Ghasem (Gus) Bakhoda


B.S. University of Tehran (2012)


Current research: The investigation of copper-nitrene intermediates in C-H functionalization. 
Outside of lab, Gus is an avid fan of Manchester United!


Mehdi pic

Mehdi Raghibi

M.Sc., Chemistry, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (2014)
Current research: Design of homogeneous catalysts for the electrocatalytic oxidation of ammonia 


Zeinab (Sima) Sakhaei


B.S., Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology (2013)


Current research: Mechanistic insights into Nitrite Reductase model complexes. 


Evan Gardner


B.A., Chemistry, Boston University (2015)
Advisor: Prof. Linda Doerrer


Current research: Investigation of novel complexes for the reduction of dinitrogen to ammonia and the characterization of critical intermediates. 



Christine Iseley


B.S., Chemistry, Stetson University (2015)
Advisor: Prof. John York


Current research: Investigation of nitric oxide reductase through synthetic model complexes. 



Valiallah Hosseininasab


M.S., Sharif University of Technology


Current research: Modeling nitric oxide signaling chemistry at non-heme sites


Isuri Jayasooriya


B.S., Chemistry, University of Perdeniya, Sri Lanka


Current research: Investigation of Cu catalyzed C-H functionalization reactions 





Katherine (Kate) Amarell

Georgetown University, Chemistry, Class of 2018

Current research: Frustrated Lewis pairs.


William Kim

Georgetown University, Chemistry, Class of 2018

Current research: Insights into the Nitrite to Nitric oxide transformations involving Copper(II) site


Jane Donnelly

Georgetown University, Chemistry, Class of 2019

Current Research: Investigating the transformation of nitrite to nitric oxide in copper-containing model complexes of nitrite reductases

 Caitlyn Cobb

Georgetown University, Chemistry, Class of 2018

Current Research: Promoting dinitrogen reduction at metal centers through rational ligand design

Visiting Scholars



Nathan Rudman

Rising Senior at Davidson College

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia



Lea Karan

Rising Senior at John F. Kennedy High School

Hometown: Silver Springs, Maryland